February 23, 2024

When we first got wind of some of the amazing skin-care products launching in April, we were skeptical. Could this many awesome new launches really be hitting shelves all at once, or was this some kind of industry-wide April Fool’s joke? Well, we’re pleased to report that, in what appears to be a springtime miracle, there really are just a ton of great new skin-care formulas becoming available all at once this month.

One stand-out category among new products is lip treatments. Alpyn Beauty, M-61, U Beauty, and Oribe — yes, the hair-care brand — are all launching luscious new balms and masks to undo any dryness and dullness that may be left over from winter. And technically, you can use Mustela’s latest launch — its very first not made exclusively for babies — on your lips, too.

It’s also an excellent month for body products, with Dove, Fresh, Eminence, and Ellis Brooklyn all giving our below-the-neck region the attention it deserves and so often doesn’t get. But of course, your actual face gets to enjoy the bulk of April’s bounty, with new sunscreens, cleansers, and serums all set to help you reach your complexion goals. 

No matter your needs, you can count on us to keep you looped into the best new formulas, so shop our favorite April launches below. 

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