February 23, 2024
Metrasens Ultra Detection Solution Targets Healthcare Industry

The Metrasens Ultra with Xact ID is said to deliver high levels of detection performance on a range of threats that includes guns, knives, razor blades and other weapons that can be hidden.

LISLE, Ill. — The new Metrasens Ultra with Xact ID is the latest solution from the detection technologies product manufacturer.

The company says the product was available as part of a soft launch in 2021 and has deployed about 1,000 units around the globe. It is now being made available to the healthcare security market.

Metrasens points out that a recent study released by The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) finds that 80% of emergency room physicians say violence in healthcare environments has harmed patient care. The study also finds that 50% of those polled say that hospitals can do more to protect healthcare staff members by bolstering their security systems.

One of the company’s customers, a hospital in the Midwest, says following two bladed weapons attacks, it turned to Metrasens to help secure its grounds. Metrasens CEO Dr. Simon Goodyear  notes that healthcare facilities are dealing with wide array of threats that negatively impact our healthcare system.

“Metrasens believes a comprehensive screening operation including people, process and technology must be taken into consideration to combat all threats in a safety-first culture such as a hospital or behavioral health hospital,” comments Goodyear. “We know that the solutions to these problems are not one-dimensional. They take orchestration which includes smart technology like Metrasens Ultra, but also the properly applied and trained use.”

Metrasens Ultra Technologies Streamlines Screening Process

According to the company, the new Metrasens Ultra with Xact ID employs system intelligence that is driven through advanced software algorithms, machine learning and sensor design.

Through the use of its technologies the company boasts the new detection solution delivers high levels of detection performance on a range of threats that includes guns, knives, razor blades and other weapons that can be hidden.

Metrasens says that healthcare facility staff members and third-party users can easily learn how use the system through its easy to read interface that features zone indication LEDs that communicate the location on the body where a threat object is detected.

“In Metrasens Ultra we have concentrated on bringing to market a solution rather than just a product,” adds Goodyear. “The difference is that a solution represents a more complete response to the hospital’s needs holistically and serves the needs of all stakeholders. That is what we have done with Metrasens Ultra.”