December 4, 2023
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Caudalie has earned a permanent spot in my skin-care cabinet. Their signature use of grape seed extracts in their moisturizing creams, serums, and tonics help protect skin from radical damage, create suppleness, and in general, promote healthy feeling and looking skin. The brand’s revamped Premier Cru line (which launched in January) is the latest edition to my collection, and it checks all of the above boxes. I’ve been using the Premier Cru Anti-Aging Serum ($129), and it’s been helping make my skin feel smoother and more plump. Just what it needs after a cold, dry winter.

The Premier Cru collection also includes a moisturizer and brightening eye cream (both of which I 11/10 recommend). The formula helps improve your skin’s elasticity and suppleness with a high dose of hyaluronic acid, tightens sugars that take effect in three minutes, and uses viniferine (a grapevine sap extract that targets dark spots by reducing the melanin-producing enzyme, tyrosinase).


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But the real difference maker comes from the use of the brand’s TET8™ Patented Technology. It’s the brand’s new formulation created together with folks at Harvard Medical School that focuses on boosting the TET enzyme, a compound has some influence on the aging process. And by amplifying its effects, this can help reduce wrinkles, firm skin, and boost radiance.

Over the last several days, I put the serum’s fast-working claims to the test and was pleasantly surprised. I’ve used Caudalie serums in the past, (most notably the Vinoperfect Radiance Complexion Correcting Serum that I love for evening out my skin tone), but this one had a more immediate effect on my skin. To be honest though, I wasn’t expecting more than a hydration boost, given the amount of hyaluronic acid. But I’m happy that I got more than what I bargained for. 

One thing I noticed was how quick the formula absorbed into my skin. I often struggle to find a serum that’s thick enough to be moisturizing all day long. Many solutions I’ve used in the past have been too slick and dissipated without really settling into my skin, leaving me wondering if they even had an effect at all. But that wasn’t the case here. While the serum does have a thin, watery-based consistency, my skin felt quenched and stayed that way. In fact, I didn’t even feel the need to follow up with a moisturizer, which is often the next step in your skin-care routine. 

But what I really didn’t expect was how smooth my skin would feel. It especially felt soft around my chin area where I have a faint rough patch of skin. My skin become a lot more supple over the next three days I tested the serum—so much so, I felt that the crease around the corner of my mouth become much less noticeable and less indented. FYI, this is likely due to the amount of hyaluronic acid inside, which allows your skin to retain moisture and plumpify. In turn, this helps to give the appearance of reduced fine lines.

All in all, I was blown away by how hydrating the serum was and how quickly it made my skin feel so bouncy and revived. I also love that the formula is lightweight and isn’t overly greasy oily, so you don’t have to worry about clogging your pores or experiencing an unexpected breakout (at least for me). And, like I said, the serum is highly absorbent, which makes it a great foundation for applying other skin care and makeup on top without pilling action. But it’s not just me who’s a fan.

“The serum is so light, it’s not heavy or sticky,” one reviewer noted on Caudalie’s website. “Love the way it feels on my skin. Noticing that lines are not as deep as they were. I have only been using the product for a short time and will continue to monitor results. So far, so good.”

Another reviewer mentioned how the serum left their skin with moisturized and more radiant. “I love this serum so much. It leaves my skin smooth, hydrated, younger looking and glowing,” they wrote. “It absorbs well into the skin and also repairs and strengthens the skin. Overall I’m very satisfied with this serum and I highly recommend it.”

Not gonna lie, this is an investment—but it’s one that will remain in my beauty cabinet forever (and you only need a dime-size amount to cover your whole face, so trust me, that bottle will last you).

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.