December 10, 2023
2022 Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry in Chile Report – Featuring GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and Pfizer Among Others –

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The pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors in Chile are expected to post good growth in the long term, with many multinational companies looking to invest in the country. As of the first half of 2021, Chile had one of the fastest COVID-19 vaccination programs in the world, allowing the country to opt for removing many of the public health restrictions. The country is poised for stronger economic growth, and the government is looking to control healthcare costs by introducing drug pricing policies.

The CENABAST Law (passed in January 2020) and the Drugs 2 bill are expected to profoundly impact the Chilean pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. The CENABAST Law has allowed private pharmacy chains and independent pharmacies to purchase drugs through CENBAST. This has reduced drug acquisition costs by nearly 70 percent. The Drugs 2 bill continues to be under debate and facing major backlash from the pharmaceutical industry, with the main point of contention being the exact definition of the pricing formula.

The Chilean pharmaceutical and healthcare industry remains an attractive sector for investors. Added to this, the commitment of the government to the continued expansion of public health services will ensure that the industry remains lucrative for companies and investors alike.

In this industry scenario, the publisher presents an in-depth analysis of the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry of Chile in its research report Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry in Chile – Forecast and Analysis 2022.

The report covers the following data:

  • A brief overview of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in the Americas and a snapshot of the sector across some leading and underperforming markets of the region.
  • An in-depth coverage of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in Chile by sectors along with an analysis of how the COVID-19 pandemic is effecting the industry.
  • We analyze the segments of prescription drugs, generic drugs, OTC medicines, and also analyze the landscape for medical research and clinical trials in Chile.
  • A SWOT analysis of the Chilean pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.
  • We take an up-close view of the regulatory framework governing the Chilean pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, and the challenges being faced in terms of intellectual property rights.
  • A detailed forecast of the Chilean pharmaceutical and healthcare industry by segments completes this comprehensive analysis.


Key Topics Covered:


A. Executive Summary


B. Industry Definition


C. Brief View of the Americas Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Sector


D. Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry in Chile

D.1 Impact of COVID-19 on the Industry

D.2 Pharmaceutical Sector Analysis

D.3 Healthcare Sector Analysis

D.4 Market for Prescription Drugs

D.5 Market for Patented Drugs

D.6 Market for OTC Medicines

D.7 Market for Generic Drugs

D.8 Medical Research & Clinical Trials in Chile


E. Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry in Chile: SWOT Analysis

E.1 Strengths to Build Upon

E.2 Weaknesses to Overcome

E.2 Opportunities to Exploit

E.4 Threats to Overcome


F. Chronic Medical Conditions in Chile

F.1 Overview

F.2 Challenge of Teenage Pregnancy

F.3 Cancer

F.4 Diabetes


G. Regulatory Framework of the Industry

G.1 Overview

G.2 Regulations Governing Generic Drugs

G.3 Challenges with Intellectual Property Rights

G.4 Challenges with Counterfeit Medications

G.5 Pricing & Reimbursement Regime

G.6 Regulations Governing Marketing of Pharmaceuticals


H. Import/Export of Pharmaceuticals in Chile


I. Competition in the Industry

I.1 Competitive Landscape

I.2 Competition in Generic Drugs

I.3 Competition in the Pharmacy Sector

I.4 Competition in Drug Distribution


J. Forecast: Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry in Chile

J.1 Outlook of the Pharmaceutical Industry

J.2 Outlook of the Healthcare Industry

J.3 Outlook for Prescription Drugs Sector

J.4 Outlook for Patented Drugs Market

J.5 Outlook for OTC Medicine Market

J.6 Outlook for the Generic Drugs Market


K. Major Industry Players

K.1 Laboratorios Andromaco

K.1.1 Corporate Analysis

K.1.2 Business Segment Analysis

K.1.3 SWOT Analysis

K.2 Laboratorios Chile

K.2.1 Corporate Analysis

K.2.2 Business Segment Analysis

K.2.3 SWOT Analysis

K.3 Abbott Laboratories

K.3.1 Corporate Analysis

K.3.2 Business Segment Analysis

K.3.3 SWOT Analysis

K.4 GlaxoSmithKline

K.4.1 Corporate Analysis

K.4.2 Business Segment Analysis

K.4.3 SWOT Analysis

K.5 Merck & Co. Inc. (MSD)

K.5.1 Corporate Analysis

K.5.2 Business Segment Analysis

K.5.3 SWOT Analysis

K.6 Novartis

K.6.1 Corporate Analysis

K.6.2 Business Segment Analysis

K.6.3 SWOT Analysis

K.7 Pfizer

K.7.1 Corporate Analysis

K.7.2 Business Segment Analysis

K.7.3 SWOT Analysis


L. Glossary of Terms


M. Research Methodology


N. Disclaimer


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